Cycling Routes in Liepāja

Currently only a few parts of bicycle paths are built in Liepāja city and Liepāja region and they are not yet interconnected.
Cycling Routes in Liepāja
The bicycle routes included in the booklet have been developed by tourism professionals. They are mostly based on the existing road network, trails and paths suitable for bicycle tourism. When creating the routes, these roads have been selected where the traffic is less intense and which are more suitable for cycling. The routes in Liepāja city are not yet labeled.

Here you will find the following cycling routes:

1) Via Liepāja (12 km)
- The bicycle path through Liepāja city is under construction now using the EU co-financing. It goes along the streets where the pedestrian sidewalks will be combined with the bicycle paths, as well as through parks and the forest adjacent to the beach.

2) Old Liepāja (11 km) -   This route is suitable for people of all age groups who like active recreation. The route covers Vecliepāja (Old Liepāja) which is the area between the Lake Liepāja, the Baltic Sea and the Commercial Canal. It shows the architectural and natural values of Old Liepāja. The route winds through the city center, along the canal, the historical streets, Seaside Park, the beach and along the lake. The route leads along asphalt surfaces, cobble stone pavement and the sea coast.

3) Catch the wind on the seashore! (5,5 km) - This route is suitable for families with preschool and young school-age children, as it goes along the places with no or very little traffic. It is partly derived from the route "Vecliepāja (Old Liepāja)". The route begins at the Promenade, which is one of the most popular pedestrian areas in Liepāja. Here you can see the Amber Clock, a fountain, the sailing vessel "Libava" and fishing boats. Jūrmalas Park (Seaside Park) is a favorite place of recreation for Liepāja citizens and visitors. Children will enjoy the playground and the skate park. Both parents and children will love the Blue Flag beach!

4) The enchanting brutality or the brutal enchantment of Karosta
12 km in Karosta neighborhood, the total length from the city center - 30 km   As the Kalpaks Bridge connecting the central part of Liepāja with Karosta is currently under reconstruction (the works scheduled to be completed by the end of 2009) it takes quite a long way to get from Liepāja center to Karosta - more than 9 km. The route to Karosta is suggested along the streets with less heavy traffic. In Karosta the traffic is not intense. Karosta (Naval Port) was developed in the 19th century for the needs of Russian Empire, in Soviet times it was under the rule of the Soviet army. This territory was closed for civilians - "a city within the city". Now it is a unique and exceptional place with powerful and sharp contrasts and a venue of popular tourist shows. The most noteworthy sights are St.Nikolay Orthodox Cathedral, the Karosta Prison, the manege, Kalpaks Bridge, the Northern breakwater, the Convention House of Naval Officers etc.