Cycling Route "Around lake Būšnieku"

The route starts and ends in Ventspils City.
Cycling Route "Around lake Būšnieku"
Lake Būšnieku is located in the seaside lowland, on the north-northeast part of Ventspils by the road to Kolka. River Lošupe links lake to the sea. On the western part of lake there is a protected area - Bank of Lake Būšnieku. The protected area is on the list of Protected Areas of EU.

The Staldzene Bluff is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea in the administrative territory of Ventspls City, on the northern part of the city, northwest of Lake Būšnieku. The route starts and ends in Ventspils City.


The length of the route is approximately 30km, out of which 24km are on the streets of the City but 6km on a small forest roads. During the spring floods, forest roads can be muddy. 

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