Cycling Routes in Tukums Town

Routes for those who wish to explore the town and vicinity of Tukums on a bicycle. There are three routes suitable for families with children and adventurous companies of friends alike.
Cycling Routes in Tukums Town
1) "Small circle around the town" The route will allow getting to know the town centre - the old wooden buildings, town planning, search for unique elements in the old town - it will invite you to be extreme and test yourself and your riding skills on the old cobblestone pavement, and to stop by and visit some of the museums. Tukums represents beauty.
2) "Large circle around the town" The route offers learning about the town and various objects not only in the centre, but also on the outskirts; you can conquer the hillocks and observe the town skyline from various viewpoints. Tukums is also a town of hills (on the scale of Latvia)!
3) "Forest circle of Tukums" The route takes you out of the town to Lake Jumprava. The area of lake offers two important nature`s objects - "Dendrology Park Vāgneris" and "Plantation of Lauksargi" (Lauksargu stādījumi), along with versatility of the local forest. On the way, you will have to manage forest roads, while enjoying the forest`s bounties - there are plenty of berries.

Let`s go cycling! Leave your heart down in Tukums town!